We, at LDC Solutions, believe that our success is a result of how well we listen and understand your needs to provide your Ideal Candidate from the Available Labor Market

Meeting your needs of Time Cost and Quality,

we provide the solutions that you need, with the greatest sense of Urgency, at a cost that is very competitive to align to your budgetary objectives. Your success is ours.​​

Inclusion is more about helping Organizations and Communities to come together and provide means for mutual success.

While Aboriginal Inclusion Initiatives are a Specialty, we do have the ability to work with all Organizations and Communities to help facilitate Mutual Economic Growth in a Meaningful way.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Is simply using the expertise of Recruitment Professionals to manage the internal Recruitment in your Business. 

This is an excellent way to dramatically increase your recruiting power while reducing cost with the increased focus on your Organizations needs

Temporary Staffing

Inclusion and Diversity

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Direct Placement

Temporary Staffing provides those additional resources to cover for peaks in production, Absences of Permanent Staff, or for short term projects.

We would be able to access a vast database of people who can be ready and willing to help your Organization meet it's requirements on relatively short notice.