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Management and Coordination of the Indigenous Forestry Initiative’s Expert Review Panel, 2021-2023

LDC Solutions Inc.  is proud to partner with Natural Resource Canada (NRCan) to provide SME’s for this incredible project. We invite you to reply with your interest to

LDC Solutions Inc is tasked to establish, manage, and maintain a pool of qualified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that can in turn be tasked to review and make recommendations to NRCan for submitted applications to the Indigenous Forestry Initiative.

The Contractor will be expected to conduct activities to recruit SMEs with varying specializations and will endeavor to capture sufficient breadth of membership within the pool to allow NRCan to meet representation targets for convened Expert Review Panels (ERPs). NRCan targets: 75% or more Indigenous participation as SMEs on each ERP; achieving gender balance; and achieving geographic (regional) and official languages diversity.

Recruited SMEs shall include experts in the following specialized fields:

  • SMEs in Indigenous Economic Development;
  • SMEs in Forestry (Sustainable Forest Management Policy, Practices, and Operations);
  • SMEs in Business Development / Business Finance;
  • SMEs in Forest Products Manufacturing; and,
  • Indigenous Youth Panelists.

Location of Work: Remote
Period of the Contract
The period of the Contract is from date of Contract to May 31, 2022 inclusive

Option to Extend the Contract
The Contractor grants to Canada the irrevocable option to extend the term of the Contract by up to 3 additional 1 year period(s) under the same conditions.




Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) Indigenous Forestry Initiative (IFI) provides funding to support Indigenous-led economic development in Canada’s forest sector. The expected results of the IFI are to increase the number of Indigenous communities that engage in and benefit from economic development arising from opportunities in the forest sector, as well as to increase the investment and collaboration between Indigenous peoples and other natural resource development stakeholders, including governments, industry, and non-governmental organizations.

The objectives of the IFI are consistent with the Department’s Core Responsibility 3 - Globally Competitive Natural    Resource Sectors, and are aligned with the Government of Canada’s commitment to a renewed nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous Peoples.

Eligible projects under the IFI include:

a)         Studies, plans, evaluations, assessments or related activities to identify or develop economic or business opportunities;

b)         Strategic, business, human resources, marketing and financial planning or community natural resource economic development                     planning;

c)         Identification of opportunities, application and development of agreements or licenses related to natural resource development;

d)         Development or expansion of Indigenous joint ventures, partnerships or businesses related to natural resource development;

e)         Capacity development and training to support natural resource projects;

f)         Development of tools, technology, products, services and systems for natural resource development;

g)         Engineering design, environmental planning and permitting or other project design activities for natural resource development; and

h)         Site development, facility construction and commissioning, and business start-up and expansion operations.

The IFI Program is administered by NRCan, based in Ottawa, and supported by regionally based Indigenous Forestry Liaison Officers.

The IFI program has a year-round continuous intake of project applications and accepts applications online. The program sets a deadline for applications to facilitate batch reviews of applications at least once a year; and based on the availability of funding, reserves the option to review individual applications or small batches at other times of the year, as needed.

NRCan takes funding decisions for submitted applications, informed by internal analysis, and supported by recommendations from a convened “Expert Review Panel” (ERP). ERPs are an advisory body of subject matter experts (SMEs). When NRCan receives an application, and conducts a preliminary assessment of completeness and eligibility, an ERP will be convened and tasked to review and assess the application, come to consensus, and make recommendations to NRCan on the merits and risks of the proposed project. ERPs under this contract will be convened as and when required by NRCan to review applications received by the IFI  Secretariat between the periods July 2021 to March 2023, with an option to extend the contract in one-year increments, until March 2026.


Described Specializations and Pay Ranges for Subject Matter Experts

To adequately review and assess project proposals submitted to NRCan (of any technical nature), the required specializations for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are detailed herein. Details of the qualifications for each category of SME will be refined in consultation with NRCan prior to active recruitment.


SME in Indigenous Economic Development

Candidates should have awareness, knowledge, and strong experience in Indigenous economic development. These SMEs will be called upon to assess an applicant’s capacity and preparation to undertake the proposed project, validate community interest and support to the project, and gauge value for money for Canada’s contribution (i.e. costs vs. economic outcomes/potential).

Candidates may perhaps have experience in delivering an Indigenous economic development transfer payment program, or as an economic development officer (or similar qualification) for an Indigenous entity (e.g. community economic development officer, executive/employee of an Indigenous economic development corporation).

Authorized Range of Pay:      $800/8 hr day -to- $1,200/8hr day


SME in Forestry (Sustainable Forest Management Policy, Practices and Operations)

Candidates should have a strong awareness, knowledge, credentials, and experience in sustainable forest management (SFM) policy, practices, and operations. These SMEs will be called upon to assess an applicant’s capacity and preparation to participate and/or lead SFM activities proposed in applications, or present a satisfactory plan to access, acquire, or build the necessary capacity to do so. The objective will be to ensure that the proposed project will enhance vs. abrogate Canada’s global reputation as a leader in SFM, and to weigh and make recommendations to NRCan as to whether the proposed SFM activities and costs are balanced against stated economic development outcomes (i.e. is there strong value for money).

Candidates should also have awareness and knowledge of emerging SFM policy, practices, and operations, such as forest carbon markets (including carbon credits and bio-economy innovations); the use of LiDAR for forest resources inventories; heavy equipment used in forestry operations, etc.

Authorized Range of Pay:      $800/8 hr day -to- $1,200/8hr day


SME in Forest Products Manufacturing

Candidates should have broad and diverse knowledge and experience in forest products (including non- traditional products such as bioenergy, biomass and bio-products, and non-timber forest products) manufacturing and/or designing forest product manufacturing processes and/or facilities. Specialists in select technologies will be considered, as needed.

These SMEs will be called upon to assess and review applicants’ proposals to build, create, acquire, or otherwise engage in the use of equipment, technologies, processes, and intellectual property to manufacture forest products or provide technology-based service solutions to industry. Does the applicant have the capacity to pursue this project? Have they proposed an efficient and effective manufacturing process? Have they correctly scoped the manufacturing capacity and cost to the size of the market? Are they building a Kia or a Cadillac?

Authorized Range of Pay:      $800/8 hr day -to- $1,500/8hr day


SME in Business Development and/or Business Finance

Candidates should have broad and diverse knowledge and preferably, experience in business start-ups and business administration, or business advisory services. These SMEs will be presented with project proposals that will range in sophistication in planning and preparation; projects that may range from wanting to explore opportunities in the forest sector, to potential social ventures to small start-ups, to early/mid-size expansions, to large forestry and/or manufacturing opportunities. Such entrepreneurial endeavours may be proposed under a multitude of business models and structures including joint-venture partnerships with major industry firms.

These SMEs will be called upon to critically-assess the applicant’s and proposed project’s business- readiness, the magnitude and critical risks of the opportunity and submitted business planning (if any). These SMEs will be expected to review in detail submitted feasibility studies, business plans, and associated financial forecasts (such as balance sheet and cash flow projections) to identify the strengths and risks of applicant’s assumptions to formulate investment recommendations to NRCan. Will the project generate a profit? Does the venture need contributions from IFI to succeed? Are financial forecasts realistic and would Canada achieve value for money from an IFI contribution? Is the applicant’s capitalization plan realistic?  What positive and constructive feedback can NRCan offer?

Authorized Range of Pay:      $800/8 hr day -to- $1,500/8hr day


Indigenous Youth Panelist

Candidates are individuals under 30 years of age, who are actively developing subject matter expertise in one of the above subject matter specializations.

These SMEs are invited to participate with an aim to gain experience in their field and as advisors. These SMEs will be called upon to assess projects and provide their opinion on matters closest to their expertise, and broadly on aspects of the project the SME finds of relevance to youth. Does the project have a good commitment/plan for diversity, including youth, women, elders? Does the project advance social and economic objectives of one or more Indigenous communities?

Authorized Range of Pay:      $250/8 hr day -to- $500/8hr day

To apply to be a part of this great project, send your resume to