Inclusion & Diversity

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Inclusion is more about helping Organizations and Communities to come together and provide means for mutual success.

While Aboriginal Inclusion Initiatives are a Specialty, we do have the ability to work with all Organizations and Communities to help facilitate Mutual Economic Growth in a Meaningful way.

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Developing a variety of perspectives in your Organization can be effective in aiding in more effective Managerial decision making and problem solving abilities. Among the many benefits, Diversity in the workplace can aid in aligning to Diverse Customers. The added engagement and involvement of all employees can be very effective in retaining members of your team.

LDC Solutions is a 100% Aboriginal Owned Business that specializes in helping Organizations with Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives. Specifically, we have been instrumental in the success of Aboriginal Inclusion initiatives that help bring Organizations and Communities together for mutual sustainable success. 

Diversity and Inclusion reflects Senior Management’s vision of creating an innovative organization that works well. Key steps include:

  • Having a workforce that is broadly reflective of the community 
  • Identifying and addressing barriers within organizational systems 
  • Attracting and retaining a talented workforce skilled at working in an inclusive and respectful manner with one another and with the community 
  • Creating processes, policies, plans, practices, programs and services that meet the diverse needs of those we serve. 

It is our desire to help your team to work with the Diverse Communities to develop common interests and goals for sustained mutual benefit. We invite you to talk with us so that we can understand the solutions that you need. 

What is Diversity? 

The ways we are different; the condition of having unique characteristics.The condition of being diverse: variety: especially; the inclusion of diverse people (As people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization.​​