How We WorkOur Consultants have gained experience in a variety of careers from Software Engineering to Manufacturing, Project Management and Continuous Improvement in Managerial roles in Industries bench-marked for Best Practices. We will leverage that knowledge for your benefit.

It is our ability to understand your needs that allows us to provide the solutions to your TEAM BUILDING Initiatives. We do not overwhelm you with all the responses that we have generated. we provide you with the best match from the Available Labor Market.

Defining Requirements- With a few moments of your time, we will develop an understanding of the Performance Requirements of the position and the means by which you will assess those candidates. Being on the same page is always a recipe for continuity in your Recruiting Plan.

Searches- We will do an extensive search to find a short list of candidates that provide the BEST MATCH to your Team's Requirements. We will search our own Network, Databases, as well as research matches from Companies in your Market to find people from both Active and Passive Labor Markets to assess and present.

Assessment -Whenever possible, using the same means as your Organization, we will assess each candidate by the same measure during our screening process. We will present candidates that align to your Job Requirements, from your Industry, with the product or process knowledge and experience that you need while providing a match to your Organization and its Teams.

Presentation of Candidates- In a world where more is required with shorter time lines, we aid your search by presenting only those candidates that provide a match to your Organizational and Team Requirements. We do not overwhelm you with work validating and verifying our work. It is our Responsibility to Help and not increase your work loads. 

We will continue to aid through the entire hiring process until you find the candidate that you want and need. 

It is our desire to provide service and build relationships by providing solutions.

Your Success is Ours

Direct Placement - Helping You Build Teams For Your Future

We at LDC Solutions believe that our success is a result of how well we listen and understand your needs.

Direct Placement - Meeting your needs of Time Cost and Quality, we provide the solutions that you need, with the greatest sense of Urgency, at a cost that is very competitive.